We give your brand a kick
into the real world

F61 is an independent design studio and printing house based 
in St. Petersburg, Russia. We create full-service projects: creative
strategy, graphic design and visual identity with a subsequent
production for the real world.


14, Obvodny Canal embankment,
Saint Petersburg, Russia /

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What we do

Brand identity

Brand campaigns

Graphic design

Content creation

Web design


Editorial design

Signage and navigation design


Printing & production

Web development

Printing and production

We think through manufacturing options already during the design stage, because we know how much does the success of the project depend on it's implementation.

For each project we individually select the materials and technologies, a combination which becomes a part of the brand identity.

By using analog printing types, we emphasize finishing techniques and the capabilities of the material itself.

We work with design paper, plastic, cardboard, wood, concrete and many other materials.

We cooperate with Saint Petersburg's printing houses, which help us in manufacturing large quantities of packaging. 

We adore complicated challenges and atypical combinations - the mixture of new experimental decisions with traditional technologies is like Disneyland for us.

Lana Lomakina Art director, Designer & Founder

Svetlana creates full-service projects: from the visual brand identity to its final realization. She is responsible for preparations, arranging of shootings and postproduction.



Alan Bur Production Director & Founder

Alan controls the entire production process at the studio: prepress, printing, post-printing processes, assembly process, packaging development processes and much more.



Anatoly Vasilyev Photography

Anatoly's main specialization is food photography. He accepts challenges by breaking boundaries of his own comfort zone with great pleasure. He used to work with graphic design, therefore he has a huge interest in this area.



Irina Pishnenko Curator of personal studio projects

Irina is engaged in arranging two projects. Wastepaper — an online shop of luxe paper goods. And Nfc — a start-up for custom design and printing of business cards. She assists Alan in the picking of materials and post-printing process. 



Our manifest
  • 1/ We appreciate sincere emotions and self-irony most of all
  • 2/ We don’t work for a company — we work for people
  • 3/ There is nothing worse than «Normal». Normal is our biggest enemy
  • 4/ Trust is the foundation of a good project
  • 5/ We don't have managers, we talk to our clients like we talk to our friends, we believe it's the only way to understand each other
  • 6/ Do not judge other people otherwise you crack your brains
  • 7/ Always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things
    from - it’s where you take them to"

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f61 is a small studio with a family team and we don't hire often staffer on full time positions. But if your desire to work with us is huge — email us a link to your portfolio and a short story about you.